Monday, September 15, 2014

Rock Rose (Bach) for Solar Plexus (or Last Qtr moon)

 Icy drew Rock Rose in the most peculiar needy fashion in the epigastric area. It's a remedy for terror and fright in the fear set with it's positive aspect as Heroism and negative as Fear, panic, shock, nightmares, suicidal thoughts. He's been drawing Mataji's Shock pills for a week now and I've finally run out of the liquid. (Unfortunately because of some politics, the Mataji Narayani mixtures are no longer available in liquid form in any of the homeo pharmas.)

Maybe full moon is a time to heal old shocks and frights.

I've been thrown into a loop by Kitpit's sudden weakness and fistula in ano - I'm blaming myself for not taking his fall seriously enough. If I could only force them to stay alive and healthy ... :p (I've been taking Red Chestnut for overcare for the welfare of others to keep my worries down as well as Mimulus for fear of known things - both of which I draw strongly.:)

4 rats have died this last week of rains - none of the on their own (they were killed by my dogs), which is why I haven't mentioned it. They've been sick and have come out of their holes, wandering around vaguely looking for food on auto-pilot. I haven't seen the dogs killing them, but I find their bodies after the fact on their beds. This year they are all less physically devastated - that much credit goes to the homeopathy I've added in the food - no ulcers, no mutilated faces, exploded glands or joints filled with pus. But the vagueness tells me that the basic brain-spine problem hasn't been addressed enough. I'm going to up the Hydrocotyle in potency that I give - even Ancient is walking around looking vague before a storm.
Update: Ok, I've changed the title because Kitpit drew Honeysuckle (negative: living in the past, not present, indifference; positive: overcoming) in the solar plexus so it could just be the coming Last Qtr Moon which is tomorrow connected to that chakra. I'll leave it open to read again when I know more.

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