Monday, September 1, 2014

Not sure but could be Bach Flower remedies working

The cats have stopped spatting and fighting since 3 in the afternoon. Is it Bach flower remedies or Aranea? lol, this is probably the reason why healers from each branch of vibrational healing don't use the other.:)

If it's Bach FR I'm really impressed - I was despairing at how Gunda showed no change in his dominant behavior - still growling at the others, still barking in his loud high-pressure way. But the cats give me hope, since their quarrels are endless and high drama around our house. They're always the first to feel the effects of the remedies, so this might be a good indication.

On a high note of hope, I found two more remedies to add to the combo - I've put Crab apple and Honey suckle and Rescue (which is a combo itself!) and put them in the mix with Vine, Holly, Cherryplum and Beech. If I'm giving it to every dog, I might as well give all that I have.

I'm also thinking of doing this Bach Flower remedy thing by itself for a couple of days to see if it is really responsible for the change I see around.

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