Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nerve death (gangrene) after trauma and spinal injury

My Kitpit had her fall from the terrace 25 days ago. 4 days ago he was smelling bad and having trouble moving his bowels. I figured it might be the weather and ignored it. But this is the big mistake -- it is actually nerve-death from the trauma to the spine.

I've seen this 'Dying after 21 days' in other trauma cases (see posts about Rocky and Karia). The area of flesh the spinal nerve controls and carries information to dies or rots away and becomes putrified leaving a fistula. This is the worst effect of trauma to the spine -- the area that maggots inhabit. Unless we can get the nerves to regenerate (and how can that be done??) from the spine, those gangrenous fistulae will end up poisoning the blood.

I know Melilotus brought this up - it might have stayed a hidden condition not sure how to heal from this point though. she's drawing Cicuta, Hcot, Conium and other 'spinal irritation' remedies, Shock and Symphytum. I've got my fingers crossed that this can be healed - doesn't look good though. Gangrene is something I dread and have never been able to heal.

Update 15/9 - She's not worse - the smelling dripping shit is a tad less smelly, but that's all.  Berberis 3x is helping. The spreading inflamed skin around the anus has reduced a little. She's able to lick it up now ... still isn't coming out of the right hole. I wonder if I should try something stronger like a tissue salt ... though I've never had success with elements. Fingers crossed!

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