Thursday, September 4, 2014

Melilotus 6 for "Worse, Approach of a Storm"

Either my Bach Flower remedies are not working, or they're working too slow. After all, the mental and emotional auras are older energy and far away from the body. If it takes time, I need something to help Gunda now.

I read up a bit and decided to try Melilotus which is for congestions, rage, "desire to kill, hurt", fear of the police, being taken away and epilepsy which is worse with the approach of a storm, just before a storm breaks, any weather change, rainy, changeable weather. It's from Leguminosae, which they really draw from towards Full Moon.

That seems to be my best bet right now.

It has a very interesting characteristic of "haemorrhage from every organ" which I feel could have saved a few lives - esp Pummi. Most of my dogs look like they could use it - Ancient's epileptic spasms precede a storm, Kenchu's chorea is worse before a storm; Icy has that huge haemotoma which started before a storm and Howly has the nervous excitement that precedes a storm. Gunda, of course, has a lot of the mental symptoms of Melilotus preceding a storm that resemble the early stages of canine insanity - today's fight happened just 3 minutes before it drizzled. As close as that. That gives me hope that I'm not starting too late.

God I hope I can save him! I'd hate for him to die/be put down/put away for life... which will surely happen if I can't find a cure for this state he's in.:/

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