Monday, September 22, 2014

Kitpit died today, RIP

My  little angel Kitpit died today. She was walking around and eating though she was getting dehydrated. The area around her anus was perforated from the spinal injury fall-out. This scared me enough that I allowed myself to give in to the need to get an expert opinion as my mother said.

Big mistake. The vet visit (and anaesthesia with the rehydration, rectal exam, ivermectin and antibiotics) was so harmful to her that it catapulted her into a coma like state. She came out of it once last evening and ate some fish and drank some water, then subsided into it again till death.

Clematis given at her solar plexus and Chestnut Bud at the base of the brain brought her out for about 15 mins.

In the end I gave her Rock Rose (when her breathing had slowed to about 1 breath per 10 secs, around the time I try to euthanize the distemper puppies) and that was her last breath. I'm so grateful to Bach remedies for making the end so easy - I think I'll use it again.

Still, it took another 15 minutes after her breathing stopped for her urine to void - which was surprising to me. I was still giving her Reiki and carrying her body around wondering how I could have saved her (and I could have, if I'd only remembered the long-lasting effect of spinal injuries) when her body went cold and she finally voided. That was surprising to me. It means that muscular control doesn't go at the point of stopping respiration. The body probably continues to use Chi for a while longer to stay alive, until it runs out of it.

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