Monday, September 29, 2014

Intuition's role in Bach combos

For some godforsaken reason, so many Bach flower remedy users like to think they're 'intuitive'.:) I've seen so many combos invented in the spur of the moment, in real life and on the net that it makes me wonder how they'd work with homeopathy given the same assurances ("it's harmless", "combine any 7", etc.) that Bach left them with.

I've seen aggravations with Bach Flower Remedies - the same as with any of the energy medicines. Angry dogs get angrier, even if for 15 mins; frightened dogs get more frightened with Rock Rose for about 10 mins and Clematis from Bach works very similarly to Clematis from Homeopathy (though slightly better -- with finer energy - like a higher potency; probably from being a flower and not the whole plant.)

Edward Bach himself created very few combinations or formulas in his lifetime. He made Rescue Remedy. ... and that's it? That's how intuition works. If it's really good, it is usually rare.

(I don't want to make a big deal of this, though it's amusing to me. My best friend has this same 'intuitive' approach to Bach remedies and a stubborn denial of order or scientifying and analysing it. All women like these things because of the freedom from both censure and responsibility, so it's alright.:)

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