Monday, September 29, 2014

Bach Fears - from the highest to the lowest

The five Fear remedies in order (my interpretation):
Highest - Cherry Plum, Aspen - Cherry Plum is the highest fear, the fear that leads to losing control, madness; Aspen is a universal fear of the unknown.
Middle - Red Chestnut - would be the projected fears for our loved ones that result from our own, more debilitating for being outside our control.
Deepest - Mimulus, Rock Rose - Mimulus is the fear of known things, the usual illness, death, etc that is a part of life which is still capable of limiting life. The darkest and deepest fear is Rock Rose which overwhelms the mind and body to paralysis and suicide.

I believe our fears are connected to the Root Chakra - our fight, flight and fright response, our adrenals, our kidneys, legs, urinary, anus, large intestines, etc. But there are degrees by which our fears get worse, so we need to start with the most surface and work our way down to the deepest.
This is just a theory I've been thinking through, and now trying out. Since Ancient reacted so badly (having a 10 min aggravation) from Rock Rose last evening, I decided to check out remedies in plant family order. When I was feeding dogs on the street this morning and having a chai, I tested Agrimony and Rock Rose on the two most frightened-sensitive and aggressive dogs sitting with me. I think my theory is good - they drew Agrimony before Rock Rose and when I gave them Agrimony, it calmed them down within minutes.

I haven't tried the fear remedies against each other yet - Cherry Plum, Aspen, etc. But I can see how this can work through the dogs energy field and lead to healing them of the paralysis that often lames street dogs. I just have to use them in order. Maybe.

[On an aside, I'm so  tempted to turn plant taxonomy around, I can't tell you.:) It would be so convenient to have these Bach flower remedies at the top of the plant tree so that I can heal with these first and then go down to the homeopathic. Even in the homeopathic remedies, I'd have liked Loganaceae and Leguminaceae to be higher than they are.  Haha! So many illogical, self-deluding things run through the mind, wanting to fit a square peg in a round hole, it's no wonder we're so far away from knowing how to heal.

I'm not at all surprised to see Allopathy take off running on a completely wrong track with the invention of the microscope ... just seeing a microbe must have inspired millions to discover a new one every day!! As they have for years now, lol.

I'm tempted to do a dozen or more illogical things, I should list them one day just so that I know how many ways I could have gone wrong.]

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