Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bite: Third Theory

 This afternoon Gunda, the incorrigible delinquent, (who, if you recall, had my sympathy after I read Homere's poor imprinting explanation:), attacked a sleeping Ancient and then jumped into the empty house next door and attacked one of the servants who was entering through the gate, then attacked Howly and they fought to the finish even though I tried the useless bucket of water idea - I would not put my hands on him again, too afraid. He is now isolated in the empty house opposite. I hope he stays in.

I'm thoroughly sick of the guy. He's taking too much time, causing too much worry and isn't getting better. The owners of aggressive dogs have my deepest sympathies world-wide!

My friend came up with an interesting possibility: she said this kind of fighting/aggression increases when we have our periods. I have my period right now, but I must confess that this is the first time I've noticed this kind of aggression around this time. But it's a good theory - even though I wouldn't really have a remedy for it except to wait at least 3 days for it to end or ... menopause!:)

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