Monday, September 15, 2014

Aspen (Bach) before Rain, Storm: for Itching, Whining

I'm cross-referencing homeopathy and reiki most of the time but now with the Bach remedies giving me such terrific results, I've got a real handle on some insoluble problems I used to have!

Kenchu and Icy have always itched, whined (mhmm-mhmm-mhmm) and moaned before a storm or even the start of a rain - in fact, there was a time after I gave Psorinum (before I began blogging) that my 14 dogs would whine and itch at their ribs before a storm - I began to dread rain, the monsoon and the build-up from about 2 years ago because there wasn't a remedy in Homeopathy that truly dealt with it (Rhod, Puls and Aranea, now Melilotus, Hcot, etc. do seem to alter it, but not truly bring it to an end).

How I love Bach Remedies! Kenchu drew Aspen and Rescue, Icy drew Aspen. So I gave Ancient, Icy and Kenchu Aspen and just Kenchu got Rescue as well. They itched a little more for 5 minutes and then voila! They're asleep!!

Don't know how long it will last, but it's been 15 mins and I've never had them stop itching dead like they just did with any other remedy. Aspen is for fear (negative: fear of the unknown, anxiety, apprehension; positive: courage to face the unknown) with physical symptoms like restlessness, unexplained catastrophic expectations.

I totally understand now why my guides wanted me to learn about Bach remedies. It's a whole different world that it covers. If I ever get good enough, I think I can use it with Homeopathy and Reiki to get some spectacular healings.

This Diwali I'm determined to use so many Bach remedies that no dog on my watch will run in terror of the pataki or fireworks. I've promised my animals when I was a child of 14 that one day I will make them free of that horror but activism didn't do a thing to change people, welfare work was a disaster for them, but this time I may have the key in healing them from inside. External environments like where they live is really out of their contro (and mine - I can't bear humans enough to communicate rightl, but inside I can help them through this difficult festival time - I hope!

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