Monday, September 22, 2014

Animal Trauma - What I learnt from Kitpit

If there's a trauma - spinal injury or a head injury in particular -
1. it will create necrosis within 21 days in the areas affected by the damaged nerves. From the first you must give remedies to prevent necrosis -- Clematis in Bach Remedies (fall, contusion, necrosis, paralysis; Aesculus, Camphor 3x-10m, Hydrocotyle and Cicuta (so far) in Homeopathy.
2. Other than the appearance of deep fistulae along the course of the nerve, there will be partial paralysis or stagnation of liquids in the body -- Give Vine, Chicory for accumulations, retained fluids in Bach remedies from the start; Berberis 3, Camphor 3 (the only ones that I tried which worked) in homeopathy. Low potencies for this fluid.
3. Treat exhaustion - Olive, Chestnut Bud made Kitpit return to consciousness for a short time in the end.
4. Treat the miasm after a shock - as if a hidden shadow disease has broken out at the point of trauma and ripples across the animal's future. Treat it as if it is suppressed measles, pox or polio. Trauma is fertile ground for all parasites but especially those in the central nervous system. (I haven't been too successful at this - when I am, I'll fill it in.)
5. Don't relax if the animal is walking around within a few days. Kitpit looked fine after 2 days and I thought she was fully recovered -- there's always a fallout, so prepare from the first for it.
6. Homedes says 6 doses a day for Bach, so I don't see why not for homeopathy. Just stick to the lowest potencies and it shouldn't be too much too soon for the animals. It will prevent death in the weaker animals.
7. Treat fear. Bach was best for the fear remedies - Star of Bethlehem first, Aspen next, Cherry Plum, Red Chestnut and Rock Rose after in Kitpit's case. Maybe that's the sequence of fears.
8. Treat shock.I hate that I didn't do this. Mataji Narayani's Shock 200 Pills was drawn continuously but I didn't understand why since she looked fine and didn't use it. The breakup contains Ignatia, Opium, Arnica, Passiflora - wonderful remedies to protect the spine. I gave Arnica and Ignatia to Stripes after her fall from the tree when she could barely walk and she didn't have any necrosis and walks perfectly today. Poor Kitpit.

Those are all my regrets and mistakes. I wish I could turn back time!

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