Friday, September 26, 2014

A way to make Mixtures (from the Bach Theory)

One of the best things I've read about Bach's work (and Homedes, who's the real deal - the best I've ever read for treating animals) is how to make mixtures.

I'm not sure if I've got it right yet, but there seems to be a way to make mixtures work. It is by using a remedy from the highest group to help the body absorb the information - in Bach Flower Remedies that is Chestnut Bud or White Chestnut from the Hippocastanaceae. This is a group that is the highest in the 38 remedies and the 'learning' remedy.

The equivalent in Homeopathy seems to be from the Umbelliferae - Hydrocotyle, etc. It is famous in Asia as a remedy that works on the Pineal Gland and the Crown Chakra. That's why even when they're dying they draw Hydrocotyle or Brahmi. I haven't used the others much, but Eryngium, Phelland. and Onanthe Croc seem to have a similar effect. I'm not sure about Conium, but it too seems to do something for the crown that controls the whole body below it (you know, the death of Socrates, etc.).

Homedes said that Bach wrote that no more than 7 remedies together to combine the energy 'information' the body and aura has to absorb, and to make Chestnut Bud one of those. Walnut of Juglandaceae also seems to have a similar effect, being for 'adaptation'. I would predict that Crab Apple, Wild Rose, Cherry Plum and Agrimony of Rosaceae have the same effect of unifying energies for animal use. Elm of Ulmaceae is also a very highly developed plant and might have the same properties. That's 8 out of 38 and Bach must have figured one of them will show up in every set of 7 making it safely drawn.

The other thing that I appreciate about Bach is how he limited the making of the remedy to just the flowers. Homeopathy uses whole plants whenever possible, which probably puts too much energy 'information' together for our bodies to absorb. It would be worth seeing if someone will bring that up and try to limit the use to just leaves or flowers, fruits or roots. Maybe the remedies that work better are those where there are these limits.

More later. Off to heal some kittens.

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