Sunday, September 28, 2014

A Comparative analysis of the Bach Flower Remedies

I was surprised when I checked for analysis of Bach Remedies, that nothing had been done at all. Just reading through Homedes, I was tempted to put together a few tables just to check for patterns in the remedy grouping. Here are three of them, unfinished but something I'd have thought the Bach enthusiasts would have done by now.

The first one is just placing the remedies into their correct plant family by taxonomy. The first thing you'll see is that the largest number of remedies is from the newer angiosperms and dicot plants which have the newest developed defenses (which is what I've been so thrilled about with Umbelliferae).

The categories themselves are 7 in number - either by design by Bach or by chance. It easily lends itself to a connection with the 7 chakras and the 7 layers of aura. Which brings me to the next chart.

 This one is a bit larger, but I've tried to fit the remedies into categories that have chakras to go with the emotional state:

You can see that the higher the plant family the wider its effect on living beings, having a greater influence on our energy field. So evolution is bringing plants more into alignment or adaptation to the exploding population of living, moving beings as we take over the planet ... to it's detriment.:)

The third table is a comparison of Rescue Remedy and Homedes 'Quick Formulas' for chakras and category. His epilepsy combination is superb - all the dogs draw it especially in this changing weather. I haven't tried the others so much yet. But you can see a pattern to the combos that is unmistakable - Rescue Remedy covers alternate chakras that are responsible for command. The other remedies in combination too have influence on the specific chakras that affect the body. Most of the work is done at the Crown/Root chakras with the least effort being spent on the more balanced Heart Chakra. It could also be because messing with the Heart Chakra can be dangerous on the physical level, but I think it's for the former reason - the Heart Chakra is the least out of balance area of our bodies. If the bottom and top chakras can come into balance, the heart just adjusts to share more of it's energy outward, due to its giving nature.

 These combos are good to know anyway, but with a table it is easy to see where Homedes and his colleagues have found the best effect. He's always clear and sure due to his work with shelter animals, so I'm really glad to see it has a basis in terms of energy balance!

More when I study it in greater detail ...

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