Saturday, August 9, 2014

Zizia 6 for Chorea

My darling Kenchu, probably the most irritating dog in the world, has survived distemper but ended up with a bunch of nervous, brain and intestinal problems. He has chorea (jaw movements, foreleg, and constant itching of his abdomen with his hindlegs), delirium (when asleep it is almost as bad as an epileptic fit), and drops tapeworm segments regularly. He also has thickened skin, hairless all over, scaling, and the worst is a screaming fit that he won't stop for hours on end.

Hyscamus 3, 6 and then 1m, reduced the screaming and some of the delirium, but the skin condition and his persistent chorea haven't altered a bit. The tapeworm segments show up on and off and I'm not sure if the remdies have helped or if it's a part of the cycle. He rejects Reiki most of the time drawing only Bacillinum and Thuja at uncertain intervals.

Some of the symptoms mentioned by Clarke for Zizia match him exactly.
  • "Face pale and puffy - boring pain in cheekbones - painful tenderness in lower jawbone, an inch below root of ear." - I've seen Kenchu itching at that very spot and crying painfully.
  • "inflamed pharynx" - Kenchu had a huge swollen throat for the longest time before some remedies paliated.
  • "lameness in muscles of both arms - steadily diminished sensiblilty" - he moves as if he can't get a full stretch in his forelegs, taking only small mincing steps.
  • "Odema of face" "Spasms of face and extremities"
  • "Whole body white and puffy"
  • "During sleep spasmodic twitches, talking, unpleasant dreams"
He's drawing the remedy, so I gave him a dose morning and now in the evening. I'm waiting to see if Hydrocotyle or Zizia is his present remedy - will know tomorrow when I get more potencies of each.

If this is a good post-distemper remedy, I'll be so happy because I've lost two lovely dogs to it (one, the old white one in V'ngr recently and one last year on Cunningham Rd). That chorea wears away all the teeth and they literally starve to death, if the fevers and chilliness doesn't kill them first.
-------update 11/8
He's drawing Zizia 30 - I probably should go even higher since it made him quite unhappy when I was giving him reiki with it - the aggravation was continuous. Higher potencies should solve that problem.

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