Sunday, August 10, 2014

Unsuccessful with cancer

Pummi's death brought back to me all the trouble I've had with cancer in dogs over the years. Her improvement 6 months ago when she was near death was the only success that I can recall - but even that faded (most likely because I didn't know which remedy/s were actually responsible for that improvement - I know that Thuja cm and Pulsatilla 10m were two of them).

I was amused to see the nefarious wikipedia's article on "ineffective cancer treatments" list homeopathy as one. But unfortunately it is true - to date I don't know of anyone who has cured cancer with homeopathy, even though the potential is there.

Cancer moves around too much - destroy it in one place and it will pop up in another.This is one reason that Pulsatilla high worked so well on Pummi - it stopped the movement of cancer for a while and located it in one area (abdomen) which I didn't know how to cure. I know it was the abdomen now because of the blood vomited before she died, but I thought it was in her breasts all along, those growths that disappeared probably reappeared internally. I know that Thuja probably prevented the growths from spreading, but didn't keep the existing growth from ulcerating and washing her insides with blood.

Until I can cure a case of cancer, I won't believe it can be done.

But I read a theory in the New German Medicine by that neo-nazi Ryke Hamer with whom I agree on how shock affects the system. I've seen dogs after accidents waste away - not from the accident, but from a system imbalance that spreads their deeper disease. The shock triggers off a chain of events that can only end in death. I disagree with his anti-Jew statements - I've known jews who suffer poverty and disease just like everyone else, who've had western medicine fail them just like it has failed everyone else. Mary Ann Lederer was a paraplegic friend who was jewish and suffered just like her christian neighbours.

I wish we could all try to heal without our prejudices, but I have so many myself that I have no right to speak.:)

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