Friday, August 8, 2014

Two deaths in my family, one at the shelter

Today is a really sad day despite it being Varalaxmi.

Pummi died this morning at 7 am after vomiting, a black bloody diarrhea followed by vomiting blood. But the end was relatively peaceful without a struggle. She vomited for the blood for the fourth time and didn't breath in again. RIP, baby.

Tragically, Dollu, my favorite companion cat who I thought would outlive me, was found in a gutter by two men who called me to see if I knew the cat. It had been run over by a car probably 4 days ago when he didn't come home. He was busy with mating season, and I was so involved in taking care of Pummi that I didn't even notice he was missing until 3 days ago and then didn't go looking for him.:( Both his legs were cut off to the bone until the knees and one front paw and an eye. I took him to Sarvodaya and they said his tissue was already necrosed and that euthanasia was best. I agreed with them - I couldn't see what life he'd have with neither legs nor eye - for a vital, energetic cat like him it would be a living death. I cried buckets when I agreed to let him go. He died in my arms looking in my eyes as they put the sodium pentathol into him. RIP, my sweet, sweet man.

At the shelter I heard that James, the old dog from Vasanthnagar, had died on Saturday. RIP to that tenacious guy as well.

The monsoon is usually hard on the animal population. This day has been especially hard on me.

The two dogs deaths were expected since they were deeply diseased, but this beautiful cat's accident is a tragic waste of life. I don't blame the driver - grey cats are hard to see and accidents are just that - accidents. But I'll miss these two loves at home and seeing James' eager face at night on the streets. It's been too much today.

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