Saturday, August 23, 2014

Update25/8: I was wrong about skipping potencies - they're all drawing 30 and doing well on it over the New Moon. (Can't really make rules in homeopathy easily! ... without being wrong, that is.:)
Today they drew different potencies, but I gave them Icy's Hydrocot 12x and Cicuta 12x. The pattern seems to be 3x, 12x, 200, 10m skipping potencies in between for Hydrocot - those are the different potencies they're each drawing separately. Cicuta they're drawing in all the same potencies, but distinctly stronger in the 12x.

It's too close to the new moon (the day after tomorrow)  for me to make much out - they're irritable today and itchy and it poured in monsoon fervor.

The only two who are rapidly improving are Kitpit (she's dragging her leg less) and Ancient (who's turning himself over and eating as much as the other dogs, his blood diarrhoea has completely stopped and he's shitting dark, sometimes black stools, but normal amounts). Would that I could have saved Pummi with it! They've both had no other meds than I've put into the food for the last 2 days like all the other dogs.

Kenchu is itchy, Icy, though his wounds are healing has that enormous hematoma in his right ear. Gunda is limping again - something he'd stopped with Brahmi. I'm itching in my rt elbow, r. armpit, behind my r. knee, and have an itchy scraped-off spot in my r. groin. Irritable overall but sleeping soundly.:)

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