Monday, August 4, 2014

Theory: Using Plant Remedies by Classification

Here's a chart I've been wanting to share - I've hesitated because it's huge and I couldn't see the point in putting it here if no one could see what's in it. I guess you can expand the image and see it.

These are the plant groups in which I have collected homeopathy remedies. Until now (before Pummi's aggravation) I've been giving the remedies across the groups following symptoms and occasionally hitting a few good ones. Those good ones I combined into a set and that was my last Brain-spinal remedy set experiment. The remedies were from all over the plant world randomly selected.

Pummi's illness made me realise that this was not good enough. I needed to understand and classify the homeopathy more - just symptom following isn't good practice.

So I put a few hours in it and divided it as if all plants matched a chakra and a few moon days. I left out the crown chakra as it would be presumptious to decide what it needs.:) Instead the remedies can be considered as high up on the totem pole of life.

It looks pretty good as a starting point (image on right) but I was still missing a way to work it.

Now I've figured out how I should work the list, as I'll explain in the next post.

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