Wednesday, August 6, 2014

That, that and that

The thing to understand is that all my previously abandoned theories, and there were many, were all good but just not enough. I've deadended  on many - lymphatic, acid-alkali, worms, miasms, etc. I've stuck to Reiki (though I've lost hope often and felt it wasn't enough to save life, hence the homeopathy too) and homeopathy (which I'd completely abandoned for 5 years in disgust at my inability to heal with it) as the best systems of all available. I've stuck to the moon cycle, the weather and the chakras as the best areas to focus for the healing of animals.

But even using only the plant remedies, unless we use a hierarchy, the choices are too great and they go too deep, too suddenly, pulling out too many uncontrollable reactions (I did use Baryta mur and Calc fluor, etc. so maybe the blame can be laid at the elements door again:). The hierarchy most easily available is the plant taxonomical. I'm working on using it to place the remedies closest related to the surface of the problem in the animal, and working down to the root and lower species. This would be the overarching theory for healing now.

Pummi has gone down so fast and so badly that I've been desperately seeking remedies again. She draws Eucalyptus 10m, Granatum 50m, Conium 50m, Ricinus 3x, Cajuput 3x, Physostigma 30, but her symptoms haven't alleviated. She hasn't eaten in 3 days nor does she drink water voluntarily (on account of the nausea and belching). There's bubbling around the navel, the forelegs are swollen and chapped and she struggles to move.

I suddenly figured out what was causing the oedema and the glandular swelling around her chest. I was watching a vid from "The Energy Medicine Kit" by Donna Eden (do download it - it's a 'must watch' for healers)about kinestesiology and muscle-testing for blocks and she spoke about the blocking of neurolymphatic systems and how to clear it.

I suddenly got it - the dogs were blocked up in their lymph nodes and its what is missing from my brain spinal set. I set about clumsily clearing her respiratory points and her intestinal points (which is why their legs get so weak) and thumping her chest glands. She actually looked a little better for it.

Then I went to Youtube and watched a vid (expert village) about lymphatic drainage for her and she said to massage in the arm and leg pits, came back and tried that. Thank god these dogs are so tolerant of our nonsense  I have no doubt that both these deep massages were painful for her, poor thing.

But the second massage did something amazing for her. The lymph node beneath her r. leg became hot like a furnace the more rhythmic my movements were. I realised that it was the healthiest gland of the lot and that Reiki could flow to it easily. I think that's the key - keep massaging until the area gets hot on its own rhythmically rather than forcefully.

Maybe I should stick to that one and not hurt her with where it doesn't do good. But that was the only node that worked, only her. I tried it on 3 other dogs.

I infer from this that deep plant healing is as dangerous as using the elements without a hierarchy. I should find a remedy and stick to the nearby plant groups and heal between them until it leads in one direction or the other. My next thing to try is Croton tig from the Euphrobiaceae which lies between to the Physostigma (Leguminosae) and the Eucalyptus, Cajuput (Myrtaceae). Fingers crossed - she must live.
Caulophylum  and Eucalyptus did work to improve her. More updates if she heals.

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