Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Some criticism and some inheritance issues :)

I'm always wondering why a remedy works. How can we ask others to trust in homeopathy when I, who believes in homeopathy through personal experience, experience giving animals for 2 decades and hands-on experience, can hardly understand why some remedies work and others don't.

I admire and marvel at the confident homeopaths on the net who say, "if this is the problem give this". I also wonder at their true experience with the healing -- does it always go like clockwork? Do the people and animals who take their remedies heal from it? Sufficiently? My experience has not been so perfect. I may have healed sufficiently 1 in 10 or 20 before (5-10% of all the animals I've treated), and in the last year maybe 1 in 5 or 10 (10-20%). I say 'sufficiently' because it's never been a perfect healing - I can always see the rest of the iceberg of disease below the surface waiting to pop up. Zero.

I have been played by the homeopathic blame game, and played myself through guilt and sorrow, with all the accusations: "not enough doses", "too many doses", "mixing up remedies", "not changing remedies", "giving inimicals", "not giving the right follow-up remedy", "not being a classical homeopath", blah, blah, blah.

NONE OF THAT IS TRUE. Believe me when I say you've done nothing wrong in your treatment using homeopathy - the error is in Homepathy being incomplete from Hahnemann's time.

The theory is incomplete - we don't know enough about how to use the remedies. Oh, I know that with German precision and efficiency the remedies are detailed to a ridiculous degree. The method to use them are prescribed to the last by the aphorisms. Clarke and the rest have given their successful cases as shining examples of how they ran a practice successfully. Still others have proved innumerable new remedies to add to the materia medica. Shankaran, Gravogyl, et al have tried to complete the theory with miasmic categories, grouping remedies into Hydrogenoid, Lymphatic, Scrofulous, etc.

But all this is incomplete - they're just pieces of the grander puzzle of Healing as an art. The fact is that we're unable to heal consistently with Homepathy. No wonder we've lost out to a far inferior, cunning and mindless machine in allopathic pharmacology and cures! They actually deliver what they promise - they set lower expectations and deliver on it.:)

I am an heir to this wonderful, uncut, raw gem of a healing system. You and I. Instead of finding ways to blame each other, guilt-trip our patients, accuse Allopathy and hide our lack of successes, we could instead try to figure out why - why didn't a remedy work? You and I can find out what is missing and fill in the blanks left by Hahnemann, if we are so lucky ... and honest and true. The kind of truth that we call "shruti" the unchanging true reality.

In truth, homeopathy hasn't offered the world a clear path to its use. How should it be used so that it heals 100% of the time? Lets figure that out first - because we know it can.

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