Saturday, August 2, 2014

New Insight ... perhaps!!

I'm really excited about this thought and I hope it isn't too simplistic to be true!! (I love what's simple and real in theory rather than a complex mental construct that you then have to struggle to fit.:)

Plants developed really slowly and have defenses against infections like we don't have as yet. Older plants have fewer defenses, and more primitive ones. Newer plants have more complex defenses against disease. This hierarchy should be used by us to treat animals.

Here it is:

  • Plant remedies have a hierarchy in their plant groups.
  • The plants that are higher in complexity have to be used first to heal before you can move down to those that are simpler in form and older.
  • The same hierarchy matches the moon cycle - the lower orders towards New Moon and the higher towards Full Moon.
  • The same hierarchy is matched by chakras - lower chakras need lower complexity and higher chakras higher.
  • The same hierarchy works on the body - mental and emotional need higher complexity and physical organs the lower orders.
  • The tissues, muscles and nerves have the same divisions - the nerves, respiration, intestinal digestion (solar plexus) and bones have to be healed towards the New Moon with lower orders; the brain, muscles, complex organs (kidney, liver, pancreas), reproductive and hormonal thingies have to be healed towards Full Moon and by higher plant groups.
So plants like Compositae and Ranunculae which are dicotyledons are complex work towards the Full Moon and on higher chakras. The Coniferae and Fungi are lower, older forms that work on lower chakras and towards the New Moon.

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