Friday, August 15, 2014

Why 3x? ... More Hydrocotyle at 3x

Today I felt itching around the ankles, shins and the prickling of the skin (like pores popping open) which happens when a strong sun peeps through the clouds. I think both these are immunity issues - areas that have a toxic overload and no immune development. Intestines are so connected to the skin and I felt a change in my digestion take place.

In terms of getting a move on in healing, I'm quite bored at 3x, but determined to keep at it forever if I have to since they're drawing it so strongly. I'm so used to remedies drawing for a day or two and then needing a change that this is strange.

I figured out that when Pummi was preparing to die she drew so much from all the dogs and me that we needed those 14 remedies at high potency just to keep our balance - that made a kind of sense. If these dogs hadn't had that, they might have fallen like nine pins soon after. For a few days after Pummi died, Kenchu smelled like her - like he was rotting from the inside. Fortunately he's recovered from that dip in vitality.
I think I might have found an explanation for this Hydrocotyle 3x syndrome -- otherwise why is every dog drawing this potency more than any other? In 'Energy Medicine - The Scientific Basis', Oschman talks about specific frequencies where particular tissues heal (from Dr. Zimmerman's work):
Frequency             Effects
2 Hz                      Nerve regeneration, neurite outgrowth from cultured ganglia
7 Hz                      Bone growth
10 Hz                    Ligament healing
15, 25 and 72 Hz   Decreased skin necrosis, stimulation of capillary formation and fibroblast proliferation
25 and 50 Hz         Synergistic effects with nerve growth factor

I think this might have an equivalent in homeopathy like:
Potency                     Possible areas of healing
3x                             Nerve regeneration, neurite outgrowth (I'd have liked to place skin here)
6x-12x                      Bone growth (since Calc Fluor and Calc Phos work best at these potencies)
12 - 30x                    Ligament healing
12, 30 and 200x        Decreased skin necrosis, stimulation of capillary formation and fibroblast proliferation
30 and 200x, 1m       Synergistic effects with nerve growth factor

Just putting it down so I don't forget the possibilities!:)

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