Saturday, August 9, 2014

Increased rice consumption on the street

I suspected Pummi of having an insulin or pancreatic problem when she drew insulin 3, but it was just one time (maybe because of the excess of adrenal and lack of thyroid function that it did some balancing). When she improved suddenly 8 months ago, the first thing I noticed was how she loved rice (which she hadn't touched for over 5 years).

I was reading up about it, I understood something new about my street dogs and why they crave meat as they do. Many of the older street dogs would only take the meat and ignore the rice.

Because of their uncertain diet, and irregular food sources, street dogs will always have a thyroid and pancreatic imbalance. Most of the Vasanthnagar dogs are fed exclusively on a biscuit and garbage diet. The  insulin imbalance kept them from eating the rice I put for them - carbohydrate digestion shuts down over time (or limits itself to simple sugars like in biscuits). Digesting meat is easier for dogs with solar plexus affectations, especially when they are older.

It was only when they ate more and more of the rice over the last two months that I began to notice that the remedies I was using was somehow allowing them to digest the white rice better than ever before. It probably means that their pancreatic function improved to allow more carbohydrates in their diet.

I've noticed at least 4 lame dogs (one withered hindleg) begin to use all four legs in the last 3 months. Probably part of the same problem - when the middle malfunction is cleared, the adrenal/sacral and lower chakras seem to improve as well.

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