Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hydrocotyle (Umbel) for Full Moon, Immunity

The dogs are drawing Hydrocotyle 6 (which is the only potency I have) for Day 13 (one day before the full moon). It's the remedy for leprosy, which means it has a great deal to do with immunity. It's also an Indian remedy - I always feel that the connection of plants to the earth makes this more important than other remedies for the locals.

The one thing from Boericke that I can see in the dogs is "great thickening of epidemoid layer and exfoliation of scales". This is so true for all dogs with skin troubles, and expecially for Kenchu. The other is "circular spots with scaly edges" which Icy has a few of - I gave him a lot of remedies for ringworm a few months ago! - and now recently, Howly has 4 or 5 of the same circular patches around his shoulders under the fur.

Clarke says he treated a sickly girl with swollen glands - so a glandular remedy.

There's one improvement I can see within 6 hours of giving the food with the remedy - the build-up to the rains usually has them itching like crazy but they're itchy, but much less frantic today.

I should be going to a homeopathic pharma tomorrow to buy more of it and in different potencies since I had just a drop or two left today. They drew it over and above all other remedies in this weather, so I think it bolsters immunity.
-----update 11/8
That immunity thing is true about Hydrocotyle. The first evening I had itching in my armpits and the axillary glands of the groin (Kenchu did too), the early morning hours I had a very watery diarrhoea (intestines are very connected to immunity?); the next day, next dose had the same itching but deeper (full moon). The dogs itch in aggravation for an hour or two after they get the dose, but then they're free of itching the rest of the 24 hours. It cleared my sinuses which I didn't know were blocked!:)

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