Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hydrocotyle reactions contd

I feel like I have a calcaria spur between the balls of my left foot. It was so bad at night I could barely walk the dogs - mostly gone this morning. My right eyebrow along the inner ridge has a series of small hard pimples that itch like crazy. The pimples have a grey crust that comes off.

These two reactions came up after Hcot 3x. It's really educational to know how gout feels before you're suddenly dumped into it in old age! And how the dogs suffer when their paws swell up and crack, the poor things. This is probably why Kitpit kept licking his paws as a kitten.

I'm also glad I didn't start with higher potencies as is my usual way. These low potencies are really giving us all time to heal very physical problems that otherwise might get hurried along with the higher potencies.

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