Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Hydrocotyle 6 contd. (for Connective tissue!)

I meant to add this as an update on the Hydrocotyle, but I had a lot to say and the post will grow enormously. It's been 3 days of 1 dose each day.
First, my reactions:
I had the loose motion just that one day, itching in the armpits and groin pits, and now itchin behind the knees. Then this morning it was a kind of morning backache that I hadn't had in a long time - a feeling that I can't lift myself off the bed like my spine had no strength. I've had vague itching down the dry scaly skin of my calves, but nothing much else.
Then, my animals reactions:
The dogs are reacting with less itching at the break of the storm overall, and Icy's wounds are healing down the legs, the skin is tauter around the neck. Kenchu's voice is less broken, but he probably needs more doses since his skin is the most affected and he's definitely more itchy than the others.
My kittens - Kitpit had the finest reaction. His liver, which is enormously enlarged, shrank down to normal size (for his body) the second dose. But just as I was celebrating, it's back to its normal enlarged size today.:( Still, there's hope that it will go back to its natural size and normal function one day. Of his surviving 3 siblings, 2 are lost three houses down and haven't come to eat while the black one has less of a hoarse voice when he comes to eat (I haven't seen him yet - he stands on the other side of the wall and mews for food which I throw over blind).

From Clarke:
Kenchu might be improving in the chewing motion of the jaw because of the improvement in "affectations of the trigeminus nerve" which I've never heard of before. I know Zizia helps the same lopsided chewing motion that I called 'chorea' for lack of a better search word.

It also treats "neuralgic pain in external frontal nerve" so that might explain his increased comfort level. Still, not healed enough yet. Maybe he needs a higher potency or more doses. Or another Umbelliferae. I haven't checked.

Icy might be improving because of "sensation as if gases collection into a ball" in the stomach. "Borborygmi in different parts" of the abdomen and "violent contractions of the intestines" and "ineffectual desire for stool" since he's constipated.

My back might fall into the "bruised feeling in all the muscles" though it was very limited and for a very short time or "difficulty in maintaining the upright posture".

The improvement in Kitpit might be from the "Liver, contraction of" and "obstruction of" though I must say there's so little covered of the remedy it's sad.

Conium is the queen of the Umbelliferae and dominates the writing of all those using this plant family, but I feel that Hydrocotyle could be as useful for the dogs, especially for distemper-survivors with neural damage like Kenchu, reaction to the weather and the thickening, blackened skin of immunity-related (neuro-lymphatic) oedema.

----------Update 13/8:
 Kitpit's liver is smaller again! It looks like it is trying to find a balance. My guides wanted me to switch to Hcotyle 3x for some unknown reason. My backache is gone. Icy's swollen ankles have a shine on them - can't wait to see it improve.:)

Hydrocotyle for Connective tissues (may be what I've been lookin for):
Icy's ankles, which are swollen after years of leaping around like a gazelle, might come under Boericke's "hypertrophy and induration of connective tissue" if cartilages and tendons are what he means.

Wiki covers an exciting number of connective tissue besides the elastic ones. All these I'm especially interested in healing: tendon, ligament, skin, cornea, cartilage, bone, blood vessels, gut, and intervertebral disc. And type 3 connective tissue: liver, bone marrow, and lymphatic organs ... wow!

All these areas my street dogs suffer from terribly. Cataract can kill them on the street, tendons affected mean lameness, skin means getting stoned by people, gut means worms and vertebral discs means paralysis.

And type 3 are the most exciting because they're the nuts and bolts of living in the open, surviving TB and disease! If this can improve the liver, the body gets more nutrients from less food; if this improves bone marrow, they'll have less anemia and more rich blood (no more pale, grey skin full of fleas and ticks); and lymphatic organs would bring their immunity up and drain those hard and enlarged glands around their chests, neck and armpits (these dogs look pigeon-chested and obese).

Still a long way to go to see if this obscure remedy does what it claims to do. Always remedies look good on paper, its only in action that I can pick the best. So far even 6x seems to be doing great.

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