Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hydrocotyle 1m today

They're no longer drawing 12x, and very little of 30, the next higher potency I have is 1m which they're drawing. So it appears that the low potencies end 3 days after the First Qtr and we have to amp up the potency from then on.

2 days ago my right knee was skinned by the 12x, I think I mentioned. Yesterday it was my right groin at the joint. Today it is my left knee that is itching with that pre-skinning itch. It's following either major arteries or major lymphatic nodes.

The old dog is so much better but still unable to stand up on his own. The joints of his shoulders are so weak he's turning it into painful almost-dislocating angles from weakness (and screaming from the pain). But he refuses to lie down. The important thing is to keep him on a carpet so that he has traction. He hasn't passed faeces for a few days now, but at least he's not hemorrhaging blood internally. Eating well - biscuits, chicken heads, legs, a huge portion of rice with rice bran oil. I've got my fingers crossed that all continues to go well until he gets his strength back.

My poor darling Kitpit fell off the terrace (30 feet) and seems to have broken or damaged or dislocated her hipbone 2 days ago (I only noticed the dragging leg last evening -the evening she was found, she was lying down and I couldn't see the injury). She's drawing Camphor 30 (shock), *Symphytum 6 and *Rhus tox 6 and Aesculus 6 - I've only given her a dose each of the *ed. (Aesculus I wasn't sure of and I'm never sure if I can give Camphor alongside because of all the literature cautioning its use since it's a universal antidote). I'm going to try more remedies today. I hope she gets normal use of her leg back.

Really been a stressful week, dogs eating desperately, picking up Ancient and Kitpit's accident compounded by the intermittent torrential rains.

But perhaps the worst of all is that the Hydrocotyle 1m I took this morning to see it's effect has got me in a fever-pitch of confused anxiety and busy-ness, feelings of being overwhelmed (a sense of not having got anything done, a vague persistent guilt) and losing my time-sense (forgot the day of the week). Aggravation majeur!:) I hope my dogs handle it better than I have.:)

Hopefully this potency helps all the dogs and cats and birds cope through this miserable rainy season full of accidents, mating mania, fights and injuries. If my sense of hurried, worried anxiety is anything to go by, it should help a lot of my older dogs.
Reaction lasted a half-hour, starting 3 hours after the dose. Itching, biting themselves, howling and restlessness. Now they're sleeping like logs. Fingers crossed!

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