Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fits or seizures in healing mode

27/8 - I raced and bought Aethusa in many potencies - and found out I was wrong.:) I thought I was being too obsessive about Hydrocotyle and I should try another. Also, they were drawing Hcot in such low potencies that I thought I was wrong to stick to it. But they're still drawing more Hydrocotyle and Cicuta than any other remedy - Aethusa 6x came a distant third. Cicuta in fact in cm (all the way from 6x to cm) over this New Moon - I guess as the energies change direction, the spine and lower chakras are roiled up more than the upper chakras.

26/8 afternoon update - he had another fit around 4:30, poor guy. I think his breathing gets arrested so he suffers long after the teeth-clenching, spine undulating, legs and arms wheeling attack which ends with faeces and prolonged moaning after, when he gets his jaw unlocked. He drew Cicuta cm and then 50m, which I gave an hour apart. In the evening he drew Sumbulus 1m (the highest I had) so I gave that as well for weak hindlegs and numb forearms. He doesn't draw Zizia, but drew Aethusa which was dry. He had the attack after eating a bit, so maybe it's related to digestion. I'll get the Aethusa tomorrow in many potencies - the kittens can use it too.

Ancient had fits last night. That's what he must have been having when I picked him up in a paralysed state that night. There were two huge factors - the clouding and the New Moon. Just like Kitpit, his fits came after a whole day of sleeping into the aggravation. He was terrified by the end of it - Aconite cm helped that stage of terror. I got on this blog to see how I dealt with Kitpit's and saw it was Ran B cm that helped her, but he didn't draw it. Neither did he draw the Zizia 6 and 30 that I have.

After giving him the Aconite, I calmed down considerably.:) I thought it through and realised that Cicuta was the Umbell that helped all the dogs last month. I had given them just Hydrocotyle 30 yesterday, so I checked and sure enough he drew Cicuta 50m, 30 at night and then 6 in the morning. All is well so far. I should keep the Cicuta in or at least try the other Umbell remedy for worms - Sumbulus.

He has no control over his urine still and can't stand on his own, though he walks around if I stand him up - his limbs are stiff and without strength. He's better overall, but the problem was still there if it had to come out again - which is good. Even in Kitpit I felt that the emergence of the seizures was a sign of healing.

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