Friday, August 29, 2014

Figured out so far

  • These Umbellifarae are really the most important to heal with. They've got all the characteristics of the lower orders and something extra. That extra seems to be the brain-spinal-neural connection to the physical problem. If you have a respiratory problem, a urinary problem, a heart problem, liver, kidneys, bone, blood, you name it - it has its roots in the cerebro-spinal system. If those roots aren't cleared, the problem is not cleared. 
  •  If we want 'deeper' healing, it isn't in the tissues but in the nervous system and the brain; if we want more 'shallow' healing, that too works through the Umbells.
  • Hydrocotyle and Cicuta are the highest of them; followed by Aethusa. I still haven't worked with the rest enough to know what follows but Sumbulus, Phellandrium and Onanthe seem to be next.
  • I think once we heal these first, we have to move down the branch to the next (like Ailanthus and Guaicum if there's a fever, etc). I haven't got that far yet.

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