Thursday, August 7, 2014

Eucalyptus 30 and Caulophyllum 1m - Lymphatics for monsoon

I thought Pummi would die last night but she is slightly better. We carried her to where she usually pees and she got up, peed, drank water (which she hasn't done in 4 days now) and came down the stairs all by herself.

The remedies she most drew are:
  • Eucalyptus glob. 30 - this is the one that probably saved her life from the respiratory weakness in general and the generalized low level of infection. She drew this over and over again day and night; 
  •  Caulophyllum 10m (just once), 1m, 200 (3 times at night) - This stopped the vomiting from the spasms (of the uterus??) Her swollen paw has burst and it is now covered in pus because of this remedy. It has begun a healing that is amazing to me. She reacted to the 10m all the way to the 200 immediately over the spleen drawing in painful amounts of energy from me. So I thought that she needed spleen remedies, but it seems to have healed the paw cracks which were related to the defective lymphatic system.
  • Conium 1m, 10m, 50m, cm which she drew for the last 3 days probably began the healing though I have no idea what it does for her. I see no visible change except that her thymus lymphatic nodes are a little flatter. 
  • She drew a little of Ricinus 3, Berberis 1m, Croton tig 30 and just once each of Ars Alb 30, Merc Sol 50m, Spongia cm, Asterias 1m, Scilla 30. I know the last 3 are important for the immune system.
  • I also must thank Donna Eden for her neurolymphatic draining and the other expert village instructor on Youtube. I saw the improvement from the time of the massage.
She still may die (I hope not though), but now I know what I can do to help her if she keeps improving. I know how to heal the lymphatic system somewhat. Eucalyptus is key for animals during the monsoon - why didn't I see that before?

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