Friday, August 29, 2014

Epileptic fits are life-preserving?

Ancient has stopped eating (well, eating about 1/5th of his first week) since the fits took off his strength. But now I'm wondering if the seizures are actually life-preserving rather than life-threatening. They all seem connected to the Heart and Solar Plexus chakras - the liver and back of the head are involved for sure.

He's the second animal I've seen survive the fits over time and have less of the symptoms: sleeping into aggravations, moaning and howling, attacks followed by ravenous hunger (but not digested right). The first was Kitpit who was young enough to survive about 7 fits back-to-back after great exposure (probably broncho-pneumonia - sneezing and oppressed respiration)  and being abandoned by its mom. But the fits came up with Rhod, so I had my fingers crossed that it was curative, and it was. For a couple of months her liver was enormous, but her focus came back and she had more normal kitten-mind development. Then Hydrocotyle cured even that enlarged, hardened liver. Today she's a healthy, active kitten.

The week since he was picked up, Ancient would howl and scream, wet his bed, keep changing position restlessly and sleep like the dead. He had gleet, blood diarrhoea and his limbs were stiff and tense. He had the oppressed breathing, but what I thought was a healthy appetite (but it really isn't healthy to eat so much when they're sick in their spine). Then the blood diarrhoea stopped but he began to have his fits (probably brought out by Cicuta 3-6x), one every 12 hours, and he would sleep into the aggravation, aggravation after eating, waking only to howl and change sides.

Today, he's not howling as much which seemed like a cerebral manic state; his eyes are less gummy, the greenish mucus is lighter, he's breathing better, nose not stopped up with thick mucus; he's not changing sides as much, not drinking much water at all or eating more than a handful of rice in the evening. He dropped a section of tapeworm, which he hadn't before. He still develops the aura and tremors that are jaw-clenching and the yanking of his body to a side, but it doesn't last long if I give him Hydrocotyle 12x. Hcot 12 is what also aggravates into these symptoms if I give it while he's sleeping.

One other fine curative effect I've seen (other than no more seizures of the past intensity which was hard to watch) is the flexibility of his spine now. When he came, he couldn't bend it enough to reach his butt. Now he can bend over almost as much as a young dog can.

This is what makes me believe that epileptic fits are curative during homeopathic treatment - they bring up the spinal and brain weakness that allows them to develop a pneumonia from exposure with the thick, green mucus, worms and hardened tissues and membranes which tear and ulcerate internally. Maybe all epileptic fits are curative discharges of chi/ki energy to allow the organism to be functional - like electric eels that gets stopped up with static electricity if you don't give them an opportunity to discharge.:)

I've still got my fingers crossed that he won't die but heal to perfect health. He's licking the Hcot 12 out off my fingers now - shows both awareness and that the remedy is helping. He's not drawing Cicuta anymore - it seems to be an additional support that Hcot needs over New Moon. Most dogs will search my fingers for the remedy if the last dose helped them, however disgusted they are that it's in alcohol.:) Dumi used to systematically chew up my glass 1-dram vials at night, but poor thing, died of her broken spine before I could help her heal her problems.

More when I have an update.

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