Saturday, August 2, 2014

Electro Homeopathy's use of Rhododendron

First time I've heard about this Electro homeopathy that was introduced by a Count Mattei-- and it's fascinating because
  1. they're avoiding aggravations just like me (no poisons, no elements, no nosodes)
  2. They concentrate on the energy body and removing root causes especially of dropsy and nerve damage.
  3. they work with Rhododendron which has been a breakthrough for me: There are five Fluids, which are made as colourless mixtures of essences in a weak alcoholic solution.  Rhododendron cp. (Red Fluid) and Capsella cp. (Blue Fluid) are used as stimulants.
    Populus cp. (Green Fluid) and Sambucus cp (yellow Fluid) as a mitigating remedy
    Viscum album cp. (White Fluid) chiefly serves for general invigoration.
    I haven't worked with any of the others, but Rhododendron is a winner so I'd like to try the others at some point. But they say Rhod is a stimulant, so maybe that's why dogs draw it so much towards the New moon when their system is depressed.
  4. Here and JAMNA and here are exhaustive articles though I liked the first best because it mentions 6 plants. 
  5. Many indian roots to it, but these people are really secretive about the remedies, the preparation, etc. so I'm not really going there. What's the harm in listing a bunch of plant names? Seriously. Knowledge which is not shared freely ought not do well, and this branch of medicine isn't doing very well. Serves it right.;)

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