Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dog bite

Being a dog lover usually includes a few bites along the way. But usually it's by mistake - inattention on my part or a hungry dog taking my hand for food. I have at least a bite a month. I've rarely been attacked by an angry dog - just once when I was 12 by an alsatian and another the same year. I tend to avoid that breed.:)

But my first real experience of a dog attack came yesterday in my own home, from one of my own dogs. Gunda, who was a barely-opened-eyes puppy that I had rescued off an intersection a year or so ago, hand-fed ... chewed my right hand, bit my stomach and and upper arm in a relentless go-for-the-throat attack of domination when he was growling at Kenchu and I intervened. So shocking. I managed to push him out of the gate and wash my hands in Savlon before I tried homeopathy.
Remedies that worked:
I've always been curious about the remedies that work for 'angry dog bite' -- since Arnica takes care of every other kind of dog bite in 50m potency. I didn't touch Arnica because of the caution in Clarke's work - figured maybe we don't want the poisons to travel through the entire system (maybe the reason it's inimical).

I dumped a bit of Calendula and Hypericum tinctures immediately on the savaged hand, with a little relief. Tried Apis 6 and 3 as it started swelling - didn't work; Lach cm drew a little but didn't really help.

What really worked was Eryngium 6, Crotalus 200 and Bell 10m.

Surprisingly, Hydrocotyle worked on the wound at 12x, which makes me think that I got the bite in the first place because I'd lowered the potency to 3x in the food. So many remedies are inadequately proved , Eryngium too - we really don't know the effect of Brahmi on the brain if it's anti- tb/cancer/aids/syphilis/gonnorrhea. Surely my dog was having an aggression-aggravation not unlike my nervous aggravation before with 1m. But ... why?

Gunda is now isolated in an empty house and hating it, but I can't protect my other dogs or myself with one hand. I've also started him on some Bach Flower remedies - Vine, Holly, Cherry plum, Beech - for his emotions and persona, described perfectly here. lol! ("alpha pets who show 'out of balance', tyrant, bullying, hostile, rigid, dictatorial, even dangerous style leadership." etc ... read it, it describes a lot of dogs and men I know.:)

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