Friday, August 8, 2014

Cancer = absorption; Tuberculosis = rejection

Cancer is a really difficult for both Reiki, Homeopathy, and both combined to heal. It's in the nature of those diseases to be difficult.

In Reiki the aura or energy field is like a black hole, absorbing all vibrations, all remedies. When that happens I know that animal has cancer or tuberculosis. Both are impossible to heal because either they don't react to any of the remedies when given (absorption) or they react strongly to all (rejection). I need to treat both in my street dogs. I think they're related - two opposite end developments of the same disease; Cancer is a soft tissue malfunction and tuberculosis is a hard tissue malfunction.

Pummi was one who absorbed all. All remedies were fine at all potencies with her - she'd occasionally improve with one or the other, but it was hard to identify which remedy or combination or sequence prompted the healing. Like a black hole that only occasionally slows down. Almost all the remedies will hit the malignancy and sometimes strengthen it. Typical of cancer.

Kenchu and Icy react to all except the most exact remedy and potency applied at the most exact chakra or point. Any other remedy you give will prompt a strong and negative reaction where you'll feel that the dog won't recover from it - but it only just throws it all off (perhaps with a loss of some vital force in the process) and you have to start again. Like a frozen fountain or a duck shaking off water, the bones and primary chi lines are blocked. The mild movement of the energy travelling in or out is almost subsensory and ultra-sensitive. Typical of tuberculosis.

Both have growths and worms. Both react to the moon cycle and weather changes. Both hate water, even stepping on it. Both are chilly and have skin problems (though from different causes). Both can have constipation or diarrhea in reaction to all the above problems.

The good news
The one good thing I've noticed is that both can be reached primarily through their Solar Plexus chakra, spine and brain (lower brain where it joins the spine) and 3 bones down the tail. This ought to reduce the range of remedies we need to worry about. Just thinking about it - I really need to know how to heal these two problems to truly help the sick dogs (the healthy ones are thriving).
Update 13/8
Here's one possible explanation for why cancer is so absorptive of energy from the book "Energy Medicine - the Scientific Basis by Oschman. Re: Burr's work: "viral and bacterial infections, as well as cancer, affect the ionic and water content and pH. ... Direct measurements [in tumors] show 6-7.5 times higher conductance compared to normal tissue." This makes sense to me. Animals with infections and cancer beyond my healing capacity draw virtually every remedy and every potency ... and still don't heal like the healthy do. TB ought to be treated as the opposite where conductivity drops to nil as the bones are damaged.

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