Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Another Insight into using Homepathy: Connective tissue not mucus membrane

The Hydrocotyle 12x has sheered off the skin behind my right knee.:) I'm guessing it is a location for the lymphatic system - I've had the skin sheer off and leave it raw a few times before during the monsoon season, but this time it is healing so fast I think it is from the remedy.

I haven't written in a couple of days because I picked up a dying old dog who was starving because he's got cataract in both eyes. He was under the bridge on the Railway Parallel Road in V'ngr, and I only noticed him because he was screaming in that peculiar cry of a dying dog, as their body gets paralysed from exposure. He'd either had an accident or got thoroughly drenched by vehicles hitting a puddle next to him. But he was shivering and barely alive when I wrapped my jacket around him, put him in an auto (a really kindly auto rickshaw driver thankfully at 6 am, as rare as that is) and took him home.

He started eating yesterday evening. Hydrocotyle 30 once and then 12x since, and this morning Cicuta 12 when he had pain after eating. Last night he drew Guaicum 200 when the storm made him uncomfortable. He's got bleeding stools, dark blood that hasn't stopped. It seems to be common in street dogs dying from exposure after the full development of the disease. That disease we call 'distemper' in the young and the old, but seems to be an immune response to weather change and the moon cycle (tuberculosis or cancer?).

That's the background, but here's what I realised:
Even though dogs respond to all the remedies down the plant evolutionary tree, its the Umbelliferae/Apiaceae and especially Hydrocotyle (Centella or Kola) which I think is the head of the lot of them that really does them good. If that can effect a change in immunity, then we can go down next in the plant family, Cicuta in his case, and so on. After he's settled with those remedies, the next plant family can come into play and a remedy from it, like Guaicum, can take effect. And so on.

This is the safest way to practice homeopathy.

The thinning of the skin behind my knee is what I think they're having inside their abdomen, and Hydrocotyle (the indian Brahmi or Kola) is some kind of antidote to that. Homeopaths like Clarke and Hahnemann were always talking about the mucus membrane and remedies to balance it, but I finally realise that my dogs don't need remedies for the mucus membranes but connective tissues. More later.

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