Thursday, August 28, 2014

Seizures slowing down

Ancient hasn't had a fit since yesterday, but he's whiny and uncomfortable - there's a kind of aborted seizure (is this called status epilepticus?) that looks like a hiccup or an arrested breath.

The main remedies I'm giving him are Cicuta 3 (2ce), Aethusa 6 (6 times) and Sumulus mos 1m (1ce). He was looking a little hemiplegic after the two previous attacks, so I feared he'd had a stroke and Sumulus is a good artherosclerotic remedy. He's not struggling to urinate, drinking some milk and water and sleeping without waking to an aggravation. He's constipated a bit, but that's normal in old dogs - at least he doesn't have an epileptic fit each time he evacuates (which is how it appeared the last two times).

The thing is he's drawing many remedies in the Umbells and I'm sure they all have common characteristics for nerve, brain and blood. I only hope that I picked him up in time to save him for a long and happy life. Not sure yet, since the rains are still aggravating his condition. My medicines aren't equal to the task during these 'aggravations by environment'.

Icy is doing well on Aethusa 6 - so it's not such a waste to have bought it. Except for the hematoma of his ear (which is why I thought of arteriosclerosis at all) he's looking a lot better. The wounds in his legs and neck and head are fewer and smaller. It's definitely a blood vessel hardening thing that is his problem.

Hydrocotyle seems to cover all these - I'm just too frazzled by Ancient's seizures to limit myself patiently to just that. Yesterday's combo of Cicuta 6, Hcot 12 and Aethusa 6 seems to have been really good for the cats though - I'll repeat it. Kitpit is flying around on his bad leg, so that's probably healed, thank the universe.:)

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