Monday, July 21, 2014

Staggering the Calc Fluor

The Calc Fluor aggravation ended in 12 hours (even the kitten) so by morning they were drawing it again at 6x and I repeated it. But today they're drawing Hepar Sulph 30 more than Calc Fluor 6 so I'm going with it - figured I'd repeat Calc F only once in 3 days or a week, go easy with it. They all need Calc F and draw it more than any of the other Calcs except for Hepar (which I consider a sea remedy since it is oyster shell calcium).

They're drawing Nat mur at 6x but not strongly, so I'm not going to follow it up yet - they've never reacted well to nat mur or ferr phos, the two anemic remedies - I guess anemia isn't their problem, indurations, calcification and hardening is.

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