Monday, July 28, 2014

Severe weather shifts = indescribable suffering

Ah, this weather change of the monsoon is indescribable suffering for my sicker dogs. I don't know how to describe how the change from sunny to windy to cloudy to showers to downpours then back again churns the dogs' insides when they're sick.

Pummi and Icy and maybe Kenchu are suffering the worst. Pummi is puking (thrice since last night). I thought at first it was Helleborus, but now I know it is just the sudden shifts in weather, especially the sun peeping in and out brightly between the dull dark clouds. The nights are chilly and damp. This is what Blackie died from and James is suffering from. Their skin goes icy cold and clammy - I've had this happen myself when I was sick, so it isn't unusual in the subcontinent or even limited to dogs. When the sun breaks out, I used to get prickling all over my body like an adrenal rush.

I still don't know the solution to this - I think those affected in the kidneys and intestines have the worst of it, so maybe it is a sacral or root chakra problem, or very related to this New Moon time.

Icy is drawing Carcinosin 10m, and Bac 1m, 50 and cm (just a smidgeon less). I gave them the Carc in the food today - fingers crossed. If it doesn't do enough then Bac tomorrow and I pray. Pummi is drawing Ran Sc 30 (like the sick puppies did at the shelter the last time the weather was like this a few months ago) so I put it in the food as well.

The Bac drawn also makes me think it is a tubercular problem - but I don't have the courage to put it in with the Carc on the same day. These animals also have swollen glands around the neck - maybe that means it has something to do with immunity and the lymphatic system as well. Only trial and error available to me, unfortunately - there are no vets that I can talk to about my ideas and no homeopaths who are on the same wavelength about these diseases. I look at them all and wonder when they'll catch up - if at all. At other times I wonder if I'm completely on the wrong track (I feel like Spielberg did when he saw 'The Godfather' and lost confidence, he felt that no one could top that.:).

I'm really hoping not to lose any animal to this change this year, so fingers crossed!
This drawing of Carc and Bac makes a lot of sense to me in terms of the moon cycle - from the New Moon the energy starts moving up the body. Its only that the last month they drew it later in the cycle. Maybe this is the normal and they're trying to reach it.

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