Friday, July 25, 2014

Plumb better than Calc Fluor for New Moon

I am feeling the lack of energy as this new moon approaches (tomorrow, so not as bad as 6 months ago) - it must be a combination/cumulative effect of the weather change to monsoon and the new moon.

I started this new post because I wanted to say Plumb met 30 is drawing more strongly than Calc Fluor 6 - it must be a very valuable remedy for this new moon funk. Icy drew it in a prickling, waving, diffused draw across his neck, heart and solar, but his knee drew a great deal and almost instantly, I developed a shadow-pain in the side of my left knee that lasted for 3 hours. It was either Icy's weak left leg that I mirrored or my own knees are weak and drew the energy.

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