Sunday, July 27, 2014

Never enough but there's good news!:)

I find that there's never enough time and energy to do all that could be done for street dogs. Time is something I can't change, and energy is limited as I go through the seasons and age - another 'can't change' unless homeopathy kicks in and pushes it up a notch.

I used to feed about a 100 dogs at night with about 7 kgs of uncooked rice and 10-12 kgs of meat until 2 years ago. Then the dog numbers dipped significantly (about 20 died along my route), I was sick, my home dogs were sick (Sonu developed the jaw tumor that worsened over the next year), the neighbours were calling the dog vans, my family was trying to get me to leave and the street dogs were eating so variably, that it all got too much and I lost heart. I didn't stop, of course, but I cut down my route to about 25 dogs that I gave the raw meat on my way back from Shivajinagar and fed about 30-40 at night. But going out at night got very stressful after I got assaulted a couple of times and my bike smashed and it would take me hours before I could get myself on the bike and leave. I reduced the cooking down to 5 kgs uncooked and hoped the dogs would survive anyway, which they did.

As with all things the difficult times passed, as did my Sonu and Peppy and I recovered from the prolonged care-giving. I continued with feeding began to have small victories over disease with homeopathy, which heartened me again.

Now what I'm giving the street dogs is always not enough, there's a huge cat and kite population growth in my area, but I have grown older and not quite as strong as I used to be - the weather affects me significantly and I've had to divide the routes out quite a bit to keep pace with my energy levels. I feed one set of 5 dogs as I bring in the raw meat, then about 20 (incl my home dogs) in the evening, then about 30-40 at night (who really don't get enough). I do 6 different routes so the average dog just gets a meal once in 3 days unfortunately (though they do have other feeders so I don't feel so terrible)!
1: (evening) Mt.C route and (night) Can Bk dogs
2: (evening) Sadashivngr and (night) Millers/Cantonment
3: (evening) Millers Rd and (night)Vngr Railway Parallel

I have dogs waiting for me every night in all three routes that go hungry, but I run out of food long before I finish. But here's the good news: They've all improved significantly since I started this new set!!!

All the dogs that do get to eat are fresher, healthier and more mobile than ever before. They're eating more steadily across the moon cycle and more food individually (which is why there's not enough food to go around). Those that couldn't eat rice have improved digestion, better coats and more energy. The older dogs are stronger and more assertive, better able to bear the cold. The dogs that usually go lame in this weather have got use of their bum legs again. There's less fighting and larger groups (which is dangerous with dog vans plying the city surreptitiously killing dogs) with more tolerance of the weak. This is true for the cats too. I think I've nailed it with this bunch of remedies that took so long to find!

The only weaknesses in this set that I've seen so far is that those with respiratory problems have begun to have breathing difficulty from 3 days before the new moon along with anal itching and I have no remedy covering these - I should include a sea remedy like Spongia or Squilla and see if that will cover their problems. Or maybe just putting in a Compositae like Absinth or Artem will do the needful for both issues. I'll give that a try first before I bring another remedy into play.

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