Thursday, July 17, 2014

My mango tree

I finally worked up the energy to check on a very sick mango tree in my house.

(Plants don't take to me very well. It's probably because I don't stop the animals from hurting them. My rats are super-destructive to plant life (destroy the roots) but I don't have the heart to stop them. Anyway, not much grows if I plant it. My brother has a green thumb but is a traditioal gardener - he'll spray and chop and change their place and still the darned plant will survive and thrive.:)

This mango tree is in its teens and began to fruit enormous mangoes about 3 yrs ago. Each mango was about 6 inches long and 5 wide! And tasty! And in plenty - 300 or so mangoes twice a year. It was a boon to the squirrel population and visiting monkey bands.

But last year it developed a peculiar infection. New leaves would curl up and die and the dead ends were used by fire ants to build colonies. They'd web them together and the buds inside would shrivel up, so there was no flowering and no fruiting. The fire ants reached an enormous number, in the thousands, and my brother finally got impatient and sprayed the leaves killing a whole lot of fire ants. It probably killed the fungus that was in the buds as well. It revived the tree somewhat, but I didn't believe such a surface treatment would do any good (in fact, the karma of killing ants can't be good at all!).

Sure enough, the next season the mango tree bloomed a full 2 months before. The mangoes would grow to half their size and fall off immature (still quite large and edible, but not like before). The mangoes also developed with a whole lot of maggots in them, so about 50% was just for the squirrels and compost.

Yesterday I went armed with my mineral/element remedies, since I consider them useless for the animals where they create too strong an aggravation, I thought plant life is the best place to use them.

Within 10 mins the mango tree drew energy from the Sn/Pb/Bi set!! Yesterday and today I gave it some Stannum 6 and this morning it drew the Plumb met cm. Yay! Hopefully the small mug of homeopathic water will reach the roots and the tree with thrive.

More later.:)
-------update 26/7
Two days after Stannum 6x the young leaves stopped falling. I've given the tree 5 more doses because it is still drawing the remedy - but nothing that I've noticed particularly except that the young leaves are growing to greener mature leaves than in the past.

But more than anything else I've noticed the crows in the tree are squabbling less. It struck me how terrific it is to give plants homeopathy (if I can find the right remedy) and have them share it with the bird/animal life that lives on them. They probably radiate the aura of health, the potency of the remedy, and that is absorbed by the crows.
----- update 9/8
The leaves have stopped falling. I gave 2 more doses, though I know I should give more, I've been busy with the dogs, cats, etc. I just read about my "fire ants" - they're called Weaver ants and are indigenous and protective of the trees they inhabit, keeping away parasites. So there's no call for anyone to kill these beautiful creatures with their painful bites.:)

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