Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My best set yet from theory (and practice:)

I was thinking about this FIP that I've seen for the first time (I've treated it as everything from dropsy to worms, organ by organ, paralysis, hydrocephalus, you name it! ... from dog to rat to cat to bird no less!:) and comparing it with a bunch of childhood diseases in all the creatures I know including humans and suddenly a commonality struck me -- they're all like polio and tuberculosis.

And then I thought of how they both involved the brain and the spine and were irritants. The abdominal troubles, the neurological symptoms and the pneumonias are probably all related to the degeneration of tissue in the hypothalamus and the spine - the areas they draw the energy the most.

And bingo! the list that came up in a "brain spinal irritation" search was very close to what I use and have had success with in the last few months.

Augustura v Agaricus silicea Ambra grisea
Gelsemium Apis zinc met Kali brom
Ignatia Cocculus nat mur Kali carb
Ipecac Hamamelis phosphorus Lac can
Physostigma Rhus tox Hypericum Lactuca vir
Phytolacca Sulphur Lil tig Laurocerasus
Thuja tellurium Lobelia Mag phos
Upas tieut Tarantula Lycopodium Medorrhinum
Verat vir Nux vom Petroleum Melilotus off
Actea racemosa Belladonna Picric acid Menyanthes
Baryta mur Mang ace Scutellaria Morphinum
Cicuta vir Nat sulph Strychninum Naja
Hyoscamus Sepia Theridion Onanthe
Pulsatilla China off Viscum alb Paris quad

China sulph Stramonium Populus candicans

Cuprum met




Kali phos
The ones I've bolded have been fantastic for the animals in the last few months. The rest I've used on and off and had success with one or the other at some level or in some other form (like the Cup met, I've used Cup ace and the Mag phos has worked better as Mag mur or Mag sulph, etc.)

Now the question is how to use it.
I've put all of them together for now, at various potencies as they came to hand ... not very scientific, I know... but I need time to work on the best combinations, and there are dogs and cats suffering today who don't have that kind of time. (I gave the three white baker's cats' remedy already - I've got one ready for the temple dogs and one for the petrol bunk owner's paralysed koramangala dog).

The guides tell me that it's fine - I think they're relieved that I got this far.:)

I noticed a bunch of my favorite remedies that are missing though - Rhododendron, Helleborus, Carduus, Tarax, Hepar Sulph so I'm guessing these need following up or preceding stuff. So a ways to go. (It's a long, long road ... but he ain't heavy, he's my brother.;)

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