Friday, July 18, 2014

Still the same set

Moon days 17- 20: No change yet in the 14 remedy picks. I expect something to change soon though since the Quarter moon is coming up when the new cycle begins. Right now the remedies are just changing in potency for all but the cicuta and ignatia. (I can't find the rest of my physostigmas or baryta mur or hyscamus so I haven't checked those).

The cats are more human-friendly - especially Stripes' 3+1 who are usually jumpy and suspicious. They all absorb ignatia like they're black-holes, so that might be it.
The little Kitpit is racing around on his rickety legs and more active and stubborn than ever (esp about sitting on the laptop keyboard which is warm - drives me nuts though as he runs through a bunch of keys and opens obscure programs). His liver isn't smaller though, but except for Cina 1m, he isn't drawing any other remedies on checking. So maybe the Cina will play a role in the future?
Icy is the only one who is drawing Calc Carb 6 and Rhododendron 12 though he's quieter, he still has something wrong with his bones (tubercular most likely - wounds coming up all over). He's drawing hepar sulph too. There must be a bone remedy missing.
Kenchu is sleeping better but draws Rhod 200 - so it should probably come up soon.
The rest of the dogs are all better - so obedient that it's amusing. They're loving this spinal and brain combo.

I'm expecting Helleborus, Cina, Hepar, Rhododendron to get included in the First Quarter set and some to get eliminated. I'm surprised actually that a set has lasted this long - 4 days (3 days has been the limit so far). Still looking for big improvements from this combo!

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