Friday, July 11, 2014

Kittens dying before monsoon

I've found a name for this disease and a few remedies, though I haven't had a complete cure in a year. It is referred to as Feline Infectious Peritonitis or FIP, I just learnt today from two articles here and here.

 One year and before that I've cured a number of cats with some remedies from serendipity and specific symptoms. Remember I'd been unaware of the peritonial connection until today:
*Stripes - had a continuous sideways motion of the eyes - Gelsemium 50m - though she sat on her stomach for 3 months after to recover - Aconite cm cured her of the remaining nervousness 8 months later; a year and 2 sets of kittens later, Calc fluor 6x and Ignatia cm brought her ravenous appetite under control. Both sets of kittens had FIP. One survived from the first set of 2 (Chinnu); so far 3 have survived from the second set of 5. One of her kittens, Lovely, disappeared after dry FIP this morning, presumed dead.
*Blackie - wasting, loss of appetite, had pus from the nose - Causticum 1m, Graphites 50m - took 2 months after a single dose to heal but did - never recovered her voice. One year and one set of kittens later she's still fine, but her litter of 2 had one kitten die from FIP.
*Grey, Blackie's brother - severe breathing difficulty - Echinecea cm cured after 3 doses. Still has extreme nervousness but is breathing normally.
*Tollu and Dollu - recovered from FIP after Gelsemium 50m for a pronounced inward squint - Tollu developed a hard, pimply skin along the spine which healed with numerous remedies primarily Staphisagria I think); Dollu still has breathing trouble which Spongia keeps under control.

I've had one kitten (Lovely, Stripes' daughter) disappear this morning after wasting away for months, presumed dead, and one (Kitpit) who's been on and off sick with peritonial fluid, seizures and wasting alternating.

* Kitpit was abandoned a few weeks ago as I mentioned in a different post. Kitpit would sleep abnormally, lick his paws (which are blue even now), sleeping on mud to cool the heated stomach down, walks with a staggering gait, climbs on the shoulder, has hardnesses in his abdomen. He developed 10-20 seizures lasting 1-2 mins a few days before a storm when I gave him Reiki with Rhod 12 at the base of the brain. Perhaps it should be considered a remedy for FIP related seizures. That stopped immediately with Absinth 10m and Ran Bulb cm. Today he's drawing Camphor 6, Physostigma cm. He's a long way from healing, but I think he can be saved.

* Lovely is one of a set of 5 kittens of Stripes - three of which are doing well, one disappeared a month ago. Lovely never played and she literally withered away. She responded initially to Calc Phos 6x, which I didn't repeat when she was young unfortunately. I didn't know what to do for her or for the kitten before her (Blackie's child) until a few days ago when she first drew Ignatia cm. The wasting continued and developed into head shakes and a weak neck until 2 days ago she started responding to Belladonna 30 (3 doses), Podophyllum 30 (1 dose) and fabulously to Veratrum Vir 10m (3 doses - front of the brain). In two days her body warmed up and her eyes were brighter and she began to eat, but the abdomen had hard twists in it that I could not help. She's disappeared but I'm hoping she's still alive. She drew Ran Bulb cm, Gels 6, Psor cm and Syph 10m as well which I was afraid to give.

I'm listing the remedies for both cases just for future reference. The symptoms appear common to what is described as FIP but I can see that all the separately named diseases (respiratory, nervous, abdominal, heart, kidney) are from the same source.

  1. The disease moves up to the brain and spine until Full Moon and down to the kidneys and legs until New Moon.
  2. The cats that survive are hot towards Full Moon (Camphor). Those that die are cold (Veratrum v). Correcting the problem seems to depend on bringing their bodies into harmony with the moon and the weather. Which takes time, starting early enough.
  3. Because of the monsoon connection, to treat it like weather-affected cholera. Rhododendron 200, 1m, 10m, Helleborus 10m, and Ignatia cm (new to full moon); Ran sc 30 and Ran b cm, Absinth 10m,Veratrum Viride 10m (or Camphor), Physostigma cm, Phytolacca, Millefolium.
  4. The hardening after inflammation should respond to Alumen but the two potencies I have, 6 and 12, have no effect. Calc Phos 6, Tellurium 200 and Sulph cm were drawn briefly, but all animal, nosode and element remedies had very brief periods of drawing energy through them. Best to try with plant remedies.
  5. My dogs have the same disease, albeit with a different name (distemper), which hits the population at the same time, with the same symptoms, the same fatality, the same suffering, wasting, and at the same age. Don't think of the disease as unique to cats.In fact, my rats have the same disease the same way that starts with the weather change to monsoon. Why, even Cholera in humans has a "wet cholera" and "dry cholera" like in FIP! Forget the names.:)
  6. For years I've blamed vacinosis for the suffering of the dogs, but since I've taken care of free cats (and vacinnating cats is unheard-of in India), I know it is an inherited disease. They all respond to Thuja 10m, 50m, cm as if from vaccine-depleted immunity, but my cats have never seen a vet from their domesticated origins in egypt. My suggestion is to forget the vaccines.
 This post almost covers all my work on cats and kittens so far. Still, while all my remedies seem to improve the surviving ones, I haven't saved any of late - my hope rests on Lovely and Kitpit making it, by some miracle.

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