Monday, July 14, 2014

Kitten is starting to play again

This Kitpit is beginning to play again. He still has an enormously distended abdomen, can't focus his eyes and his hearing is impaired (can't judge the location of sounds) but he's eating well and attempted to play on his own today. Skin is still grey, and he walks like he has rickets with a massive abdomen.

The thing is, I can still see the areas that are affected along the spine and brain - the frontal brain and the solar plexus region are the areas the infected tissue has still not been altered by the Homeopathy or Reiki. It looks like darker fur or reddish-yellow fur on along the spinal line. It fades when the energy has touched it and the cat gets a more evenly marked and coloured fur.

Cina, which no other animal has drawn before, has triggered upto 1m (I don't have it higher, but Artem 10m which I have, has been drawn too). I'm really grateful they've reached this point, esp Kitpit, who looked as bad as Lovely for a while there. I'll put in a pic now that he looks like he'll survive.

Yesterday I saw Kitpit's two siblings with its mother on the back wall (two have probably died after the move). They're both fat and healthier than Kitpit though one had the same swollen abdomen. I hope the remedies in the meat that the mother carries religiously to them all night means that they'll get healed too. She's lost 6 sets so far to this disease, most of them growing to teenage before their digestive system comes to a complete halt. The last one was terrible with an abdomen as hard as a stone - god, it was terrible to feel (the dogs had chased it under a car when I found it). I realised something was wrong 3 days after the rescue when she came out of hiding and sat so still on the litter tray that I picked her up and checked. It was too late, she died the next day.

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