Monday, July 28, 2014

Is this how we die?

I'm watching these babies suffer from the shifting weather and moon cycle. On the road I hear the increasing number of ambulances racing to the hospitals with the sick. And I'm wondering if this is how and why we die.

Our energy should actually slow down and turn around around the Quarter Moons. And at the Full and New Moon, the peak of the wave is reached.

At the Full Moon, the energy of transcendence should burst out of our crown chakras filling us with new purpose and guidance (probably why Buddha Poornima - the day Buddha attained enlightenment - and so many of our growth festivals are at the full moon). Our energy rises from the earth, up the root chakra to the crown if all goes well. If there are blocks, we suffer. We suffer until 'enlightenment' which is nothing but a clear channel from root to crown.

Then the energy turns down. Around the First Quarter it gathers speed and power from the Solar Plexus, and shoots to the root chakra. All that  energy reaches the root chakra and cleanses us at full force and at its peak around the New Moon (probably why all our fasts center around the New Moon or Amavase, to help the cleansing process by not adding any new toxin into our system). If there are blocks on the way down, again we suffer. Maybe even more viceral suffering because of the greater identification with the corporeal and the earth.

It is probably more holy and less painful to die towards the Full Moon than the New Moon because of the rising energy (if we must die at all.:).

Sick animals have chakras that are blocked - for eg., Pummi's body is probably not doing the turning of the energy well because her kidneys and intestines haven't thrown out the toxins well or can't. The vomiting probably indicates that the block is higher up - liver or spleen? The cold skin maybe means that the root chakra isn't functioning at all even though it was New Moon yesterday? She's always had a wonky root chakra, and now that it should be at peak performance, it probably can't rotate fast enough to keep up with the building energy load from the upper chakras.

So ... how can I help - how do I correct this suffering course she's on. I'll try giving her reiki to the root chakra. Maybe with Bac, since Car did nothing for her. Maybe solar to root - I wonder which remedies I had down for root chakra? I've refered to the past posts and here are some:
Here about Apocyn and using only 3 and 6x.
Here about Car 30 (so I should try that or even 6x)
Here about Kenchu drawing Carduus Mar 10m at his root.
Here about Dumi drawing Actea s and r at the root (but a sideways jerking which I couldn't understand)
Here about Bacillinum for the root chakra. Bingo!
Here about Seratonin for this sun effect when it peeps in and out of clouds.

I'll give these a shot now and get back to talk about its effects on Pummi.
Yes, I think I made a mistake giving the Car today - she's drawing Bac cm (none of the lower ones) and Actea r 3 (couldn't find the other potencies), Nat mur 12, Carduus 10m and very little Serat 30. Didn't check for different potencies - she's still looking awful after a sniff of Bac cm, Actea 3 so I gave her a sniff of Carduus just now. No vomiting as yet this evening, but if she gulps water or eats, she most likely will.:(

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