Sunday, July 13, 2014

Homeopathy's self-destructive blame-games

I think Homeopathy has been pretty self-destructive in its past, and I've contributed my bit to this immaturity. I've no doubt Hahnemann and Burnett had a fight to convince people of the improvement that Homeopathy was over every other system which led naturally to the kind of comparisons we make.

The idea of vaccination being a horror of injecting one species with the diseases of the other species is disgusting in its own right. But not stopping there Homeopaths went a step further to blame it for awakening a number of dormant diseases. It is only after taking care of cats and rats that I began to back off from my own accusing, angry exclamations of the same. In India, dogs are widely vaccinated, but cats and rats - never. Yet the disease progresses at the same rate, in the same season and the same way. Vaccination has nothing to do with it - the weather does and inheritance.

This statement "The next complication was the discovery that the neoprene collar is toxic, and could explain the hair loss around the collar area." from Irene's article bothered me all night. My Kitpit has the same loss of hair in that region (probably from congruent scabs that I combed away - Cicuta) and I've never collared this kitten or any other. He carries fleas which I deliberately don't remove to see how his blood improves. There's no need to blame chemicals in flea collars - the eruptions come up as the disease leaves the spine and brain in the same region.

Looking around to blame something is self-destructive in real life and in healing. I think I'll stop doing this (maybe I'll never vaccinate my dogs with a sheep-borne virus, but that's because I don't want either sheep or dogs to be forced to suffer for a preventable brain disease.:).

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