Thursday, July 17, 2014

Homeopathy's beginning in Saqqara with Seraphis

Check this out! Homeopathy began in Saqqara and had a link to something like Reiki! I have a special reason for bringing this up (though I'm really quite secretive about it - I'm putting it down in case I go senile one day.:)

Healers in Saqqara used the 'like heals like idea' (similia similibus) to heal, revived by Hahneman in the 18th century.

I was given homeopathy as a 6 yr old by a homeopath called Hanumanth Rao, and I could feel the medicine humming in my mouth, so I always had a respect for it. My mother became a Shivananda healer about 20 yrs later, and all the mixtures were my playground for treating animals. But I never really connected it to anything.

Back in 1992-4, when I first learnt Reiki and realised I had some amazing energy pouring out of my hands I had to give up my 'scientific' schoolgirl beliefs about the world. Ayn Rand and every rational philosopher went out the window and I began a painful journey into understanding energy.

In  1996, an angel-reader in Cincinnati told me I had an egyptian angel/guardian/guide who protected me. In 1998, I was travelling around the world when I learnt automatic writing and my egyptian guardian called himself 'Ceref' and told me to visit Saqqara.  He wanted me to look for the entrance, the 'secret chambers' and it was way, way too scary to do at dusk with crazy Egyptians all around, and so I left.:) He said we were both healers from Saqqara and had been worshiped as gods.

I didn't  take the automatic writing seriously, or Ceref, and over time I forgot about it. It was only last year when I was healing animals with some success that I wondered which guides helped so much in my healing efforts and remembered Ceref's urging to heal animals.

I found that the roman 'Seraf' or angel stemmed from the cult of Serapis, a worship of healers who were turned gods (Imhotep and Merit-Ptah). The ancient world is scattered with Serapeums dedicated to healing. My angel or guide had been right over 15 years before ... probably about a lot of other things as well (he said that the pyramids were built with energy, not slaves ... what a weight off the world's conscience if that were true!)

"One finds," said the geographer Strabo (1st century AD), "a temple to Serapis in such a sandy place that the wind heaps up the sand dunes beneath which we saw sphinxes, some half buried, some buried up to the head, from which one can suppose that the way to this temple could not be without danger if one were caught in a sudden wind storm." Did it not seem that Strabo had written this sentence to help us rediscover, after over eighteen centuries, the famous temple dedicated to Serapis?" wrote Mariette, who finally uncovered a bunch of animal sarcophagii.

"To the west of this cemetery, a gallery of tombs for the sacred bulls of Apis, and known today by its Greek name Serapeum,  was constructed from the 19th Dynasty on. It would continue to be used until well into the Roman Period." from here.

The rest of the stuff I read is condescending and typical westernized assumptions about the naivety of ancient thoughts on medicine. The stuff on worship of animals and why they're mummified is even more disgusting a read!

You know what I think? I think that the worship of animals was really a love of animals, not much different than my love for them today. I see their shining spirit like I can't see in any human. If you've seen an animal healing another, you know what I mean.

Whatever the 'religion' became later, mummifying living animals as offerings, was an abomination of Ceref's love for animals, the reason he heals them even today. He saw their nature, their power, their strength, which is why he's guiding my choices in homeopathy today - there's no true healing with any other system. I do believe, now, that we were once together in our love and healing of animals, just as he said a decade and a half ago. Thought I'd put it out there in the akashic records or something - Ceref has been silent for the last decade or so.

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