Friday, July 25, 2014

Girlie in the Park

I thought this dog was dead - one of her eyes went completely white 2 years ago. Yesterday I met a man, Madhusudan, from Vasanthnagar who said that sweet girl was hit on the head with a bottle by a muslim boy because she sniffed his leg! [Who he kicked in outrage, so the dog is avenged. The injury is however irreversible.] I heard that she's been hiding in the park and cared for by M's brother, so thank the universe for these good people.

I went and saw her yesterday with eye-injury remedies and that eye has begun to rot. She's eating only the rice (I think they give her a lot of meat), but drawing Symphytum cm over the injured eye and Staph 30. I gave her a dose of the Symphytum. I'll try to see her at least 2ce a week and give her a remedy, hopefully the rot will stop and the eye will dry up and heal better.

Two years too late, though. I neglected her because I thought it was cataract and didn't know how to heal that. :(

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