Friday, July 4, 2014

First Qtr to Full Moon: Energy Rising and Indurations

I had an insight from the guides and my kitten, Kitpit, two nights ago when I was close to despair. My kitten suddenly developed fits, epileform convulsions or seizures, every 15 or 20 mins after Reiki with Rhododendron 12x. From that point on, if I touched her (with Reiki obviously, since it flows from my hands), she'd have a convulsion.

I couldn't figure out what to do except to stay away from her. Then I recalled that I was giving her Reiki at her abdomen when her convulsions began in the head. Suddenly I realised that it was First Quarter and that it began the cycle for energy to move up the body until and a little beyond the Full Moon.

Rhododendron aggravated the nerves of the spine in some way creating a congestion in the brain. So I have a Rule from this:
Rule: No Rhododrendron past the First Quarter (-2 days). In fact, no remedy that sends energy upwards from that point. 

The one remedy I remembered that healed downwards was Carcinosin. I checked for it and it drew at 12x. I gave it yesterday.

Today I had Car 30 which I used. But when I was healing another sick kitten, Ladybug (I hate naming sick animals - they die before I can figure out how to help them), I noticed something I had in Kitpit too -- when I was running my finger down the side of the abdomen, there are lines of indurated or hardened glands. It's there to see -- there are indurations that narrow the intestines down and weaken the body. This is closely related to cancer, I think. Like Kent says, "what is scirrhus [cancer] but a peculiar form of induration?"

So now I've collected a bunch of remedies for the combination of inflammation, induration and ulceration -- the problem that goes with the flaming up of the Full Moon on the living system, and the list looks quite right. Meaning, I've used a number of these remedies before with good results:

I'm going to work on potency and getting the list right, and hopefully in time to save my little kittens and the dogs a lot of suffering this full moon. [The Bufo, Rumex, Cataria and Hekla are my additions -- they work wonders in a general way upto full moon but not sure why yet.]

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