Saturday, July 12, 2014

Cicuta instead of Plumb Met

I tried Plumb met after Irene's suggestion of it, and it is good, drawing a lot of energy. But Cicuta at the same potency (30th) draws just as well, and I'd prefer it because it is plant based, which suits animals well. I'll try Plb met 30 tomorrow though as a single remedy and see how the animals respond to it.

But Cicuta has a lot of characteristics that I liked that suited my Kitpit's case (Lovely has probably died, I haven't seen her since yesterday morning and she was skin and bone).
* I caught Kitpit eating dirt - that's a characteristic of Cicuta "eats indigestible things".
* Allen says convulsions violent with distortions of limbs and whole body ... renewed from slightest touch, noise or jar. I've seen this in Kitpit.
* Epilepsy with swelling of stomach as from violent spasms of the diaphragm. Kitpit has a hugely swollen epigastric area from yesterday.
* Suffer electric shocks through the head, stomach, arms, legs which cause jerkings of the parts, head hot. I think this is what makes them shake their heads as if shaking off fleas or an earache.
* Brain disease from suppressed eruptions, Sycosis menti. Eruptions run together to form cream-coloured scabs. The last I've seen in Icy. This kitten has sticky eruptions down the back that pull hair right off when combed away.
Cicuta has worked well in survivors in the past so I'll begin with it. Kitpit's drawing it in all potencies from 6 - cm. I'll cover Plumb tomorrow.

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